About Us

Good food is what everyone loves and here we come, ​just for YOU!

AFP, a synonym for health and taste will take you back to the rich taste of our culinary heritage and every bite will ​be a great experience for you…

AFP sprang into life as early as in the beginning of the year 2001.

Spicy Andhra pickles based on authentic Andhra cuisine were being prepared at their home, and shared with the neighborhood households.

The taste factor of the pickles struck a chord with them and there, were increasing demands for the tangy additions. The neighborhood became their clientele who were ready to pay for these tasty pickles.


It was then that Mrs. TULASI, founder of AFP, decided to carve out a market for her pickles, slowly her small initiative took the shape of a big business and the customer numbers increased from few to many. She then decided on her next step and that was to reach out to the retail market to enlarge the market span for her homemade, healthy and tasty products. The retailer backed her business idea.

Mrs. TULASI didn’t stop here, she wanted to contribute something to the society. She went ahead and rented out a small place and joined hands with many housewives like her to start a small factory where they started to make the pickles.

This was her first step towards empowering many other women like her by helping them to strengthen their financial position.

Today, in 2017, AFP is marching ahead and has also moved into various other tasty products including pickles.

AFP’s motto is to reach out to each of its customer and take them into the journey of unending taste and delight!!!!


team member
Tulasi / Founder, AFP
team member
Suhas / Product Manager, AFP